Went to vegas

While Vitaliy was playing poker, I walked around the casino..

Maybe it was 3am but pretty much there was one gift shop open so I went tere. Browsing thru the sections to see anything worth buying I hear a drunk guy yell “flava flaaaaaav!!!!”

Haha and to my surprise it was ‘flavor Flav”! People started taking pix with him, I didn’t rly want to but I got these few shots of him (lol)

Those girls were so excited they were screaming haha ..

Anyhoo, that’s the frat famouse sorta person I seen yet since I got to the mainland.. I hope there will be more!!! Maybe ones I’ll want to take pix with!! Lol

3 thoughts on “Went to vegas

  1. That first pic almost made me think it was a guy I know, i`ve sent him the pic and he did’nt like that lol so much for doppleganger huh? Hope you had fun in Vegas, me personally find it a tad bit bland.

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